Dear Reader!

My name is Karina Oelerich and I am currently a senior at UC Berkeley, studying Molecular and Cellular Biology with a focus in Cell and Developmental Biology. I grew up in Washington State and moved to California in recent years.I have a great passion for reproductive health, developmental psychology and learning all kinds of languages.

Technological advancements have hit a breakneck speed of iteration, improvement and application to all facets of society. Media has an obsession with ethical dilemmas such as genetic enhancements and robotic takeovers. Movies such as GATTACA, and now TV shows such as Black Mirror and Westworld allow us to visualize potential futures as the potential for improvement continues to grow. The media may not be too far from reality, and through this website, I discuss new technology ranging from Virtual Reality to Egg Freezing as well as the potential implications on society. I hope to embark on a greater understanding of technology in a multidisciplinary setting.

Project 1:

Ryot is a virtual reality start-up that aims to transform virtual reality experiences into a primary form of news. My first project provides an analysis of Abe Streep’s critique on Ryot’s work in the article, “One Startup’s Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality.” The authenticity of the portrayal, Ryot’s aid based model of donation, and the psychological implications of a virtual reality based platform come into question.

Project 2:

Technology shapes our every day lives and will continue to do so in the future. My second project is an expository response to the incorporation of both robots and bodily enhancements into society, and how analyzing these to worlds provides a more clear image of what our society finds important. The major focuses are the implications of robots on society, bodily modifications, and how religious institutions react to these divergences from the norm.

Project 3:

Generation Z is the first generation to have grown up with smart phones and pervasive Internet usage since birth. Project 3 is a research based discussion on the implications of technology on children, how technology has played a part in shaping the post-modern family structure and how that family structure in turn impacts children.