Project 3

Abstract Technology has had a revolutionary effect on society, whether through the industrial revolution, the advent of the Internet, or the smart phone. Each generation has had to evolve to incorporate these changes into their every day lives. Generation Z and Generation X specifically have spent the majority of their lives growing up with the … More Project 3

Project 2

Introduction As a society, we have become familiar with the unfamiliar. Movies like GATTACA, I,Robot and The Matrix trilogy have had a natural appeal to Western audiences whether engaged by fear or curiosity. However, as we grow closer to realizing these concepts ideas, we must grapple with the reality of how they will come to … More Project 2

Project 1

Virtual reality, augmented reality – these are terms we are slowly integrating into our perceptions of modern day visualization. Ryot – a virtual reality start-up – aims to turn virtual reality experiences into a modern day form of news coverage. In, “One Startup’s Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality,” Abe Streep provides a first … More Project 1

Project 3 Rough Middle

More brainstorming! start with some psychology background on developmental psychology and studies behind needing nurture and care as a child go into women and the conflict of being unable to provide this same level of affection when in higher up positions (alternative between quitting jobs etc.), could talk about potential techniques to wait for childbirth … More Project 3 Rough Middle

Library Exercise 6

Illustration 1 There are three illustrations that are particularly striking, depicting artists thoughts of the impact of technology on children. The second image shows a boy with his face covered by the wires of a computer mouse, with simply the keypad in front of him but no screen. It’s also eerie because it looks like … More Library Exercise 6

Library Exercise 5

Striving to Close the ‘Digital Divide’ “Striving to close the ‘Digital Divide’” discusses the racial gap currently forming between those children who not only use technology but also those who choose to engage with and build technology. The article focuses on the gap which exists between black children and other races, they are being trapped … More Library Exercise 5